Pepsi Ghost!

Oooh! Today was the release date for a Scary Spectral Soda! This Paranormal Pepsi has six different labels and a "Mystery Flavour"! I don't know if each Pepsi has a different flavour or if they all share the same mysterious concoction but I'll try one a day this week to test it.

Revision: Grapy.
Revision: This one tastes like Cherry.
Revision: Grapy. No, it's Cherry. No, it's Grape. No, it's Cherry. I can't tell.
Revision: Also grapy.
Revision: I think it was cherry, let's call it cherry-esque.
Revision: Also grapy.

These accompanying videos proclaim that those with a weak heart shouldn't view them. I take no responsibility for any deaths; you've been forewarned!

Are you still with me?

If you buy these Pepsis, I recommend you don't pay the 151 yen at the Conbini and rather wait until you get to a Supermarket and only pay 100 each like I did! I saved 306 yen! (Of course, I could have saved 600 yen by not buying any, but we all know that'd never happen.)

Regardless of how much you pay for a Ghostly Pepsi, the price is still far cheaper than picking up a BttF Pepsi Perfect! It'll cost you in the ballpark of 20 bucks for a bottle from Back to the Future! Even I consider that to be a little steep.

Notice how the Colonel is getting into the Halloween spirit (I'm fairly certain, Pepsi is a KFC drink.)

More Halloween treats this month as the Countdown to Halloween continues. There's a spooky little button on the title page of this here blog. Click it and you can find a flog of blogs about the season.

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