It has been a while since Star Wars and Bearbricks have merged (back here to be exact) and this merger is in celebration of 40 years of Star Warsian goodness. 7-11 has a premium Kuji contest going on at present but it is hard to find a store that carries them. Of the seven 7-11s in my neighbourhood, only one carries them. Similarly in my school town of Watari, there is only one there that carries them. This ultimately adds to their rarity.

I'm using C-3P0 as my thumbnail just so the title of this post makes sense. Unsurprisingly, it is one of my several doubles I've accumulated to date.

Here are the rest of the gang that I've amassed so far. (I'm listing these mainly so I can keep a record of what I have so far.)

In addition to the above, there also about a half dozen Twin Packs. I've landed a few so far.

If you want to see the rest of them, you can always click here and if you want to know about the super duper main prize, check out this bad boy, BB8 at 400% of his normal Bearbrick size. (It's going for quite a pretty penny on the eBay, from 200-400$! Whoa!

Furthermore if you manage to buy the last lottery ticket in the store, you can land Phasma and a quartet of her Troopers!

I've been haunting the locations I mentioned above in hopes of winning the above super prizes. Wish me luck!
ps. If any of you out there have acquired any of these and can fill in a few of the gaps in my collection, let me know. I have several doubles with which I can trade...

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