Scared Straight.

If you're my age, you remember the Scared Straight documentary narrated by Peter Falk back in the late 70s. Younger folk have gone Beyond that with new episodes of freaking kids out by showing them that Crime Doesn't Pay. Here in Japan though, スケアードストレイト (Scared Straight) means something else.

That truck, a car, several bicycles, some stuntmen, and a stuntwoman make up the cast of this program who performed for Grades 5 and 6 at the neighbouring Junior High School. We're first introduced to a bicyclist who in due course gets hit by a car, sending her flying over the hood of said vehicle. Later there are several examples of what NOT to do while riding your bike, such as wearing headphones, texting, or carrying an umbrella.

Two students also had the opportunity to get run over by a truck although they used a pair of pylons to substitute for the crushed kids. Here's an example of what goes on.

The actor/stuntpersons used were amusing and were quite adept at smashing into each other. I was particularly enthralled by this actress who seemed to take the brunt of the accidents.

I'm not sure if this is the same gal who gets smushed in this video but she's similar.

So does Scared Straight work? Most of the girls and some of the boys gasped and screamed at each accident yet I seemed to see and hear a good percentage of the lads squealing in joy at how
 かっこいい (Kakkoii = Cool) it all was. They may not have scared these kids into riding their bikes more carefully though they may have recruited some future Stuntmen!

Best part of the day for me was reuniting with my Grade 6 kids from last year.

Give me Elmer the Safety Elephant any day.

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