Shopping Godzilla!

When I popped down to Tokyo last August, I paid a visit to Toho Studios. Alas, there are no tours available yet I still managed to get a few photos of the exterior.

Nice couple!

Since access to Toho Studios isn't an option, the big news for Godzilla fans is the brand new store that will be opening at the end of October. When I was in Shinjuku's Toho Hotel a while ago, I was slightly disappointed in its lack of goods for sale. This new store should rectify that.

I'm not too keen on the pristine white shelving, that doesn't scream "Godzilla" to me.

Regardless, some of the items for sale are intriguing, such as this t-shirt or mug.

What I am even more intrigued by is the collaboration between Sanrio and Toho. Hello Kittyzilla!
I want all the goods!

Speaking of collaboration, here are a couple of the Evangelion/Godzilla straps that I've acquired recently.

Other items gathered include a magnet

And some stickers.

 I also scored this cool album with a handful of cardboard stickers inside.

If you shop around, you can find anything, such as this Godzilla Daruma on sale!

Several little plastic characters, suitable for playing with in the tub.

 And a couple of Shin-keychains.

I also acquired a few magazines and postcards to be shared at a later date.

Now, with apologies to ALW, here is Godzilla, the Musical!

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