Spidey's Homecoming!

I've been meaning to show off some of the Spider-Man loot I've amassed since the movie arrived but just haven't made the time to do so. Until now.

This Funko Pop came with the advanced ticket I purchased.

First up are some of the Clear Files I landed at its premiere. (I saw it twice at two different theatres so I found a couple of different ones.)

This is a hand towel I snagged.

And a sticker.

Some of the UFO Catcher goods I caught (and a few that got away.)

I didn't bother with the above. Too tough to snag and I already have a couple of big Stuffed Spideys.

Not easy to acquire yet I managed to get both for 500-700 yen each.

This next one was nigh impossible to catch though I finally did.

These little guys were impossible to pick up. Unfortunately I haven't seen them anywhere else.

I managed to land a pocket watch though damned if I can remember where I put it.

I only found these at the cinema at the Aeon Mall in Natori.

They came with a free little plastic Spidey and a postcard.

At a cinema in Chiba I found a Spider-head full of popcorn!

It also makes a dandy mask.

I bought this mug for a friend and now that I look at it I wish I bought one for myself.

I have a few more Spider-experiences to divulge and I'll do so tomorrow.

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