Roller Coaster!

A previous commitment prevented an early start on Sunday at the Jazz fest though once I got there, I began to enjoy myself.

Just because I need a good thumbnail, here is a picture of an Oompah-pah band that I didn't listen to.

I did listen to this gal sing some Bossa Nova hits. All the usual suspects were included especially The Girl From Ipanema

A pretty good Bluegrass band. 

Back to the rocks to hear some Blues. Though they sang "Got My Mojo Workin'", it wasn't working for me.

I wandered back to Kokobuncho to hear some Panamans.  I danced a few numbers with them last year. I was impressed that the gals remembered my name.

From last year:

Last year, I took pictures of all the dogs I saw. It's noisy, crowded and overwhelming for them but the least you could do is bring along a bowl of water for them!

These Fab Four played several Beatles tunes. Spoiler alert: they weren't very fab.

I had to get my picture taken with Sunday's Jim Beam gal. Though I didn't immediately recognize her, she remembered me from last year. Apparently she is a minor celebrity named Manami who shows up on TV in Sendai occasionally. I didn't know I was hobnobbing with a star.

Once again, I wandered back to Kokubuncho to see a band called Roller Coaster. They were a lot of fun!

Here is the reason why I was introduced to this group. I met Eri and her friends last year while listening to bird. We were pretty darned noisy though at bird much to the chagrin of her fans.

And her friend who I met again later that evening.

I wanted to listen to Soul Asylum but their dulcet tones were drowned out by a neighbouring band.

The penultimate group I saw was the KISS cloned group. This time they upped their game with a glittery ghoulish guise.

I started to head home but was accosted by two drunken Americans. Though I accepted their offer of a free beer, I had no desire to stick around and talk to them. Too bad because the band playing near them was great.

That's a wrap for this year's fest. According to my pedometer, I walked over 13 kilometres on Saturday and over 14 on Sunday! That's about the distance I commute to work every day!

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