Happy Batday to You!

This year, Batman Day falls on September 23rd. Click that link for details. I'm celebrating BD by fighting a head cold and being lazy. Not very Batman-like, I'm afraid. What follows are recent Batman features in my vast accumulation of stuff.

He'll be guesting in a couple of movies in the near future, including DCスーパーヒーローズvs鷹の爪団 (DC Superheroes vs. ひみつけっしゃたかのつめ or Eagle Talon) courtesy of FROGMAN.

Watch this YouTube and you'll see how incredibly great and incredibly bad the animation of this movie will be.

This may clear it up or make it more confusing:

I bought an advanced ticket for this solely because I received this as a present. I am SO curious about this forthcoming movie. I'll either loathe it or love it.

The Heroes...

Voila! The cast...

A movie I know I'll like is Justice League!

I bought an advanced ticket for it as well and as a bonus, I received a much larger poster than I anticipated of the hero of my choice.

I chose Aquaman (sorry I cropped your head off!)

Here is a flyer for the movie:

And a mini-pamphlet with some info about the gang.

And of course, Batman!

Just last week I discovered a handful of figures from Batman v. Superman in the UFO Catcher that weren't around when the movie was released.

Disappointingly, the first one I won turned out to be Wonder Woman!s logo. It wasn't until a week later that I successfully won WW herself.

Finally, I found this little bag featuring Batgirl and other DC gals and it'll make a dandy present for my friend, Yvonne, who I dubbed Batgirl a few years back. (Do you understand the connection?)

Happy Batday!

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