Shodo and Tell.

Last Monday was a holiday (Respect for the Aged Day) and I had the pleasure of teaching a bunch of students, all of whom are older than myself. I had a couple of hours to kill between lessons so I popped into Mediatheque. A friend of mine has a piece of artwork hanging there in a 書道 (shodou or Calligraphy) exhibit.

That is the piece in question and it is ι–€ (mon or Gate) and this particular gate is Dante's Gate to Hell! Cool!

Her name is Rumi Tanno and this is not the first time she's been featured and she even made it into the newspaper!

Here are a few other pieces of artwork that caught my eye. I have NO idea what any of them mean nor who painted them. (Forgive me if one or two are upside-down!)

This last one is my name that I signed in the Visitor's Log. Can you spot the spelling mistake?

It was a really busy day there, on the Sixth Floor, there is an Art exhibit featuring local artists who've painted a cornucopia of topics. Here are my favourites.

The panorama mode on my iPhone is great for taking a bunch of photos at once.

Also on the top floor, there was a Photography exhibit. I snapped a few pics of pics.

And a Rubic's Cube challenge next to the library.

Also on the first floor there was the last day of a mini-film fest featuring short films.

I caught last year's trailer for Shin-Godzilla and a subtitled trailer for Your Name. Now I finally know what's going on with that anime.

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