So, last night was the big opening blowout for the world Cup. Manohman, didn't we have one of these soccer thingies 4 years ago? Another one already?

The Echoing DJs were in good form, too bad the earlier spinners didn't have much of an audience. But once Kuni and Mixture got going, the floor was filled. During the Mixture set was the oddest extravaganza I have ever witnessed. Imagine the bastard child of Salvadore Dali and Liberace directing a Busby Berkely musical with 170 Football players from the last several decades of World Cups. It was as though the SuperBowl half-time show was horribly mutated by radiation with all the participants on hallucinogens. There were more liederhosen-wearing, oompahpah-playing, weirdly-dressed paraders than you could shake a stick at. A terrorist attack would have gone unnoticed, for it had bombed long before it ended.

The Germany-Costa Rica game was actually interesting with a few goals from each team in the first half. Alas, not interesting enough to stay awake and I had to go home to bed so I could dream of the Opening Ceremonies.

These guys ringing the giant cow-bells really looked like they were enjoying themselves a little bit too much.

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