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Basketball was invented by a Canadian-born physician named James Naismith while living in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891, where he sought a vigorous indoor game to keep young men occupied during the long New England winters.

Not my favourite sport due to the disadvantage of being a wee lad. But I saw more dribbling over the weekend than the last time I was in an Old Folks' home. It was our annual sports weekend where High Schools from all over Miyagi compete in various athletic events. On Saturday morning, I witnessed a Table Tennis tourney and if you think it may be boring, then point to your nose and yell "Ping Pong" (Over here, when one gets the proper answer to a question, say PingPong and point to your nose.) I then saw a few seconds of Kyudo, or Japanese Archery but unfortunately it was SO crowded that I couldn't see anything. A bit of tennis and then off to the basketball courts. Over the weekend, I witnessed the girls' team pummel their opponents 119-37, 101-17 and 105-54. They ended up winning their final game, 95-62!!

These young ladies could give the Toronto Raptors a run for their money (not that that is too difficult a task.)

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