"Remember Doha!"

(ドーハを忘れるな, Dōha o wasureruna!)

This is the rallying cry for Japanese soccer fans back in the 1994 World Cup games. A win against Iraq would have earned Japan its first appearance at the World Cup finals as one of the two representatives from the Asian Football Confederation. Japan led Iraq 2-1 going into the final minute, but a late Iraqi goal ended the match in a draw. Instead, the World Cup finals spot went to arch-rival South Korea, which beat North Korea 3-0 in its final qualifying match.

So, unless you want to be left out on the sidelines yet again, it means that you need to come to Shaft tomorrow to watch the opening ceremonies. It just happens to coincide with a certain monthly Echophonyk event, so you get to double your pleasure with great tunes and some World Class Football.

The festivities begin at 7:00 with a set by DJ Mokugohan and you can also witness the 2nd game of the NHL Finals between Carolina (Boo!) and Edmonton (Yay!). Then at 9:00, the FIFA Opening Ceremonies begin, followed by more music, and the 1st match between host Germany and Costa Rica at 1:00. Stay tuned for more tunes and if you're really adventurous, there's another game at 4:00am between Poland and Ecuador!

Only 1500¥ to bear witness to the magic and if you print the photo above, you can even get an extra drink!


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