Oils well that ends well.

I went to Shaft where fellow Edmontonian Rob and myself watched the first game of the Stanley Cup all by our lonesome. We had the game taped earlier and both of us kept ourselves ignorant of the results so when we watched the match, we were watching with virgin eyes. And boy, what a match. A raucous first period, a penalty shot and a 3-nil lead by the 3rd period. Well the Hurricanes began to pick up speed and like a whirlwind tied it up. Alas, the red-hot goalie by the name of Roloson got injured and will be out for the duration of the playoffs. His replacement made a miscalculation and in the last minute of the game, Carolina won the game.

Where does this leave the Oilers? They have a choice of two goalies who haven't played in months. But I believe that this is just another hurdle for those plucky Oilers to overcome and persevere they will. Hurdle 1: the 8th-seeded Oilers beat the #1-seeded team, The Red Wings, in six games. Hurdle 2: Come from 2 games behind and then take down the Sharks in 4 games straight, regardless of their #1 scorer and #1 point obtainer. Hurdle 3: Pluck the Mighty Ducks of their pinfeathers and win that series in 5 games. So now they're down a goalie. Big deal, they've come this far, it's only a matter of time before the Hurricane winds down and they conquer that team too.

Tomorrow is another day.

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