The Hurricanes Have Breached the Levee in Edmonton.

Alas, our last great hope for a Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup this year has fizzled for the "Caniacs" reigned supreme. It was an amazing run for the Oilers, but a weakened effort in the first period of the seventh game clinched a win for our opponents. So better luck next year for one of our Canajun teams!

It wouldn't be so bad if the winners actually came from a city that cared about hockey. Carolina has never seen snow, let alone been able to freeze enough ice to make a rink. And what's up with those Cheerleaders? Hot chicks in hockey belong in the changeroom or being picked up by players in the bar after the game (sorry but for a PC version of this blog, you'd better surf elsewhere.)
One of my dj pals, who is a new recruit to this sport, wrote about the series much more eloquently than I ever could. (But be forewarned...expect several spelling/ grammatical errors. Just like a true hockey fan!) I'll link to him tomorrow.

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