Oilers vs Hurricanes...the Limericks!

Good thing the 'Canes have Cam Ward,
For he cut Oiler chances like a sword.
Of 34 tries,
Only 4 could surprise,
If only their team could've scored!

Fernando Pisano's his name,
The leading goal-scorer his fame.
Got another today,
Total 14, I say,
Just bring on the Seventh game!

A defenseman, name of Chris Pronger,
Against him, the 'Canes are no stronger.
'Canes goals had surpassed,
They did so well in the past,
But in game 6 or Game 7, score no longer!

At first, Brind'amour gave 'Canes no stress,
For he seemed to play well and impress.
But lately he sucks,
He can't shoot the pucks.
Seems Brind'amour's become Brinda'less!

Eric Cole is a merry old soul,
From a sick bed they did cajoul.
With broken neck, he did play,
Did quite well, I must say,
But it'd be better if he got a goal.

A heavy hitter, name of Hedican,
A burly old chap, like a pelican.
His penalties were rough,
So the Oil showed their stuff
And scored a few past the goalie-man!

Alas, seems I've run out of steam
And no more poems on this theme.
So there'll be no more spoilers,
Let's all root for the Oilers.
As Lord Stanley returns home to our team!

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