Do You Believe in Majik?

The hockey game itself may have been a disappointment, but the venue in which we saw it, certainly wasn't. DJ Mokugohan, Rob from Edmonton and myself went to the apartment of Blaise, of Monkey Majik fame. He has a 40 incher (tv, that is) and we watched the game that had been taped earlier that morning "live".

Rob decked out the place with all sorts of Oilers paraphernalia, shirts, towels, coasters etc.
So we quaffed our drinks, ate our pizza and enjoyed the game as much as possible (cringing at the goals against and cheering at the goals for.) Our only consolation about the outcome is the fact that there are 11 Canadian players on the Carolina team.

After the game, Blaise showed us a dvd of several Monkey Majik videos from over the last few years. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must now admit that I've never actually seen any of their videos or heard any of their tunes, since I first heard them play live 6 years ago at Shaft. I thought they were pretty lame then, but they were friends of friends, so I kept up the pretence of enjoying their work. And lo and behold...they got better! I really liked their stuff and may even breakdown and buy one of their cds! I've linked to it before, but it's worth renewing your interest, because now I'm sincere when I recommend them:
Monkey Majik.

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