Arargh! Oot! Greet!

As everyone knows, these are the various sounds a gorilla makes. At least the gorillas in Don Martin cartoons. Since January 31st is just around the corner, it's time to remind everyone about National Gorilla Suit Day. It's your patriotic duty as my blog reader to don your Gorilla suit and go door-to-door greeting the neighbours.
For more information about the event you can always go to this link:
For more information about the various sound effects that Don Martin creations have made, go to this site: Mad

Now I'd like to feature a few of my favourite gorillas.

This is Bettie Page getting it on with a NGSD patriot.

Another lovely propaganda pic from the 40's encouraging young men to prevent NGSD from catching on in Japan...Good thing they weren't successful.

Like every great holiday, NGSD does come with its tragedies.

And finally this was my intended costume for NGSD. I won it via UFO Catcher last summer when Japan was in the throes of King Kong fever. Unfortunately, it wasn't until I got it home to discover that it isn't a mask, but rather a stuffed Kong head. I've considered hollowing it out, but that would besmirch the good name of the holiday in question. Now where am I going to find a gorilla costume in a week?

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