A blast from the past.

I just came across this song that I'd written way back in my NOVA days in Tokyo. It applies to pretty much any cram school in the country. Enjoy...

Sung to the tune of: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone."
Where have all the flowers gone?
To window sideboxes.
Where has all the O2 gone?
It's become smog.
Where have all the lush parks gone?
They're closed on Mondays.
What about contagions?
Oh, just go and wear a mask.
Where have all the children gone?
To "Hello Kitty Land".
Where do they go to run and play?
In malls, of course.
When do they throw temper tantrums?
Whenever they feel like it.
When are they disciplined?
Never, for that's the school's job.
Where do all young lovers go?
Gone to Shibuya.
Where do they go to make out?
To Shinjuku.
Who are their movie idols?
J. Roberts, Brad-o Pitt-o.
Where are they afterwards?
Back home to study.
Where have all the housewives gone?
Gone to shopping.
In the malls, where do they go?
To buy clothes.
After work where do they go?
Home to cook and clean.
When do they ever bitch,
At Nova lessons, of course.
Where have all the husbands gone?
Gone to Pachinko.
On the weekends, where are they?
On the golf course.
After that, where do they go?
Off to love hotels, they go.
When do they ever sleep?
Well, that's what's the trains are for.
Where do Nova women go?
Off to Rappongi.
Where do Nova fellows go?
To go buy toys.
Where do Nova teachers sing?
At Karaoke.
When do they ever drink?
Whene'er and whereever.

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