The last Echophonyk event was a pretty good gig with a Christmassy theme. DJ Mixture had all of his Happy Go Lucky workmates (that's the name of the school, though it also reflects the staff and students) show up and I was supposed to play the Christmas music for it. Alas, my first effort as a DJ (Okay, CDJ for I was only twirling CDs), was aborted since Adam (the sound & lighting man) took over and played his lame-ass X-mas tunes. I wanted to play MY lame-ass X-mas tunes.

But this minor affront to my dignity aside, the even continued with some kick-ass sets by all the real DJs. I was suitably underdressed with my Santa suspenders, tie, socks and Santa-Jack hat but fortunately it was enough to convince Dom to buy me a tequila shot. All-in-all a good party and I couldn't afford to get too pissed since I was catching a train in a few hours and hadn't yet packed. (See previous entry.)

If you ever want to see some cool pictures of this or any other Echophonyk event, you can always click over to
and check out the action. If you're too lazy to do that, here's a few pics for you...

As you can see, my Santa-jack hat was quite popular with everyone.

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