Now I know how Stephen King feels...

If he were a poor nerdy teacher in Japan and not a multi-millionaire who pops off a novel everytime he goes to the crapper. Yes it's true, I have Bloggers' Block. I've been away too long and can't get back into the swing of rambling for rambling's sake. I do have lots to say, from airline service to Canada's glory to family ties to drinking parties to dead animators and maybe a little bit of gossip about someone's lovelife (Ooohh...he's going to dish some dirt. I gotta read this!) so I'm going to try and make a concerted effort to whip something off tomorrow night.

For now, the 10th anniversary of "King of the Hill" is this year and this little ditty is what Mike Judge used to pitch his cartoon to the wise old Executives at Fox a decade ago.

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