Fuk u fuji.

Oh, sorry I had the spacing on that wrong. Fukufuji, Yutaka is the goaltender for the LA Kings and is the first Japanese-born player in the NHL. He's had a rather ignomonious beginning, starting in his first game in the 3rd period after the regular goalie was injured. He lost that game 6-5. He was the starting goalie in his next game and let in 3 goals in the first two periods before he was yanked. They went on to lose that game 6-3 and he was credited with that loss too. In his latest game, he stopped 17/18 shots but his team still lost yet this time he was not credited with either a win or a loss.

So not much of a showing yet, but his parents and hometown are extremely proud of their boy. Perhaps if he weren't on one of the worst teams in the league, he could shine more, but for now their Rising Son is doing pretty well.

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