Sloooowly I turned...

As all Stoogeophiles know, this is the line from a Stooges' sketch uttered by Moe & Larry, who upon hearing the term "Niagara Falls" are triggered into a berserker rage against the beleaguered Curly. I went there late last December and I must admit that I did not succomb to the frenzy. It was a cold rainy day and I wandered around for an hour or two and I enjoyed it immensely. I'm not one for doing the sightseeing gig solo (I desperately need human interaction in order to make sarcastic comments or to mutter snide remarks about the locals), but here I was in the Honeymoon capital, taking in the sights. I was undergoing some JTs (like DTs, only you need a fix of Japanese, not booze) so I managed to smugly refrain, "どうぞ douzo" to a couple wanting to exit the souvenir shop as I held the door for them and I took a photo of two giggly teeny-boppers who I offered, "一緒で isshou de" in order to snap them together. I got my dose of Japanese and I made some Nipponese-types happy to hear their language.

So here are some photos of Niagara Falls. They look the same as any other photos of Niagara you've ever seen, but what do you want for nothing? (Rubber Biscuit?)

And in case you were thought I was kidding about the Pavlovian effect "Niagara Falls" has on people, check this out:

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