Maternal woes. (Warning: graphic descriptions of medical stuff)

The main reason I made this trip back home (the 4th Canada trip in 2 years!) was to visit my ailing mother. My trip last August was with this same intention and that trip was most unpleasant. My mater was battling a kidney infection and a gall-bladder problem and was under pretty heavy meds at the time. She was so doped up that apparently she was unaware that I had even shown up! These maladies eventually cleared up, but in November I found out that her paralysed leg had developed lesions and she was emitting a foul odour. The good news is that after 10 years of having 3 roommates (only one of whom has lasted any length of time, the other 2 beds had rotating terminal cases), mudder got moved to a private room!

So much to my surprise, when I got to her room, she was all smiles and chuckles. She was quite uncomfortable at times, for her leg was causing her a lot of pain, but the meds she was on were helping alot. Except for one or two visits, she was in a great mood, talkative and fairly alert. Definitely the highlight of my visit was seeing my mother in good spirits.

At my sister's suggestion, rather than deal with her leg problem via surgery as recommended by her doctor, she hooked us up with a Naturopathic doc who managed to convince the hospital to put her on some organic-type drug. I had in the past, dismissed the naturopaths as witch doctors but Dr S...(Surname unspellable) performed the voodoo that you do so well and her lesions had actually begun to shrink and redden. Both signs that her circulation had improved.

I am no longer as sceptical of alternative medicine as I once was. I even bought some funky fish-oil pills to take for my asthma. We shall see...

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