James Brown...Sex Machine.

I was back in Canada during the demise of James, so I didn't really comment on his 6-foot under retirement. I was in Niagara and noted that he was due to play Casino-Niagara on New Year's and I was thinking how cool it would be to see him live. Now, it would just be cool to see him alive.

Over the years and via 4 marriages and an unknown amount of liaisons, he had 5 sons, three daughters, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren on record.

So, here is the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business, the Godfather of Soul performing this post's title track.

Now why am I bringing up James Brown a month after his death? Well, because there's a new term out there, coined by Japan's 71-year-old health minister Hakuo Yanagisawa, who called Japanese women "birth-giving machines" and called on them to "do their best per head."

"The number of women aged between 15 and 50 is fixed. Because the number of birth-giving machines and devices is fixed, all we can ask for is for them to do their best per head, although it may not be so appropriate to call them machines."

At least he was good enough to admit that calling women "machines" may not be appropriate. I'm trying to do my part to enlist women into their machine-role, but so far I can't even get a date.

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