Shave and a Haircut...

317 bits. (Assuming there are 8 bits to each 100¥.)
I was feeling pretty shaggy (not quite Grizzly Adams, more like Koala Adams) after a long shaveless vacation and decided to get a trim at my local barber. Nothing knew here, I've regaled you before of the joys of follicle shearing in Japan. Today was a little different. The lovely couple who run the place (friends of DJ Mark Saito & Yuko, don't you know) have an assistant who works there. She is knee-high to a grasshopper and can barely reach the chair. I'm certain that the reason this halfling works there is so she can get a discount on shaving her feet. She's so short that she comes up to my sister's shoulders (now that's tiny!) Anyway, she does all the grunt work, hot towels, sweeping, etc. But she also washes one's hair and gives them a massage. She has the most powerful fingers that I was sure she'd crush my skull. Nice kung fu grip, to say the least. I don't want to pollute the old Jones gene pool with anyone shorter than I, otherwise I'd pursue her outside of the salon.

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