Catch Ya Later!

Say this while pointing thumb and fore-finger in a gun fashion, clicking your tongue and miming a trigger being pulled. Use your best Malcolm Mcdowell posh-Brit impression and state this catch-phrase from Blue Thunder. Then go one step further and imitate Roy Scheider imitating Malcolm after blowing up his helicopter.

This line, among innumerable others, is how I will remember Roy who died on the 10th.
I just rewatched Jaws (for the umpteenth time) and my favourite bit of his (other than "We're gonna to need a bigger boat!") is when he humbly checks his appendix scar while Quint & Hooper are comparing old wounds.

I thought he was robbed for the Oscar in All That Jazz. Here's one of many quotes pertaining to him (I'll ignore all the death references.)
Joe Gideon: Katie, I tried to give you everything I could give.
Kate Jagger: Oh, you give all right; presents, clothes. I just wish you weren't so generous with your cock.

Or Night Moves or Naked Lunch or French Connection or even Punisher. That's from the top of my head, if I head to his imbd, I can dig up several more favourites. (For a Japanese listing, try this.

Bye Roy...

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