Lots of Giri; Hope No Geri!

Giri-choco (義理-チョコ) is obligation-chocolate, given today from female to male co-workers or from students to teachers. No emotion included, only duty. (Check out last year for more detail.) Slightly disappointing so far, it's not as good a haul as last year. (That may be a good thing, so as to avoid 下痢 (geri)...which is diarrhoea!)

What I (and every other male teacher) received was a lovely box of German chocolate with 3 hearts of chocolate cake and one of vanilla. Yummy!

I did get a mini-chocolate bar from the lunch-lady and a piece of ごえんがあるよ (goenga aruyo = chocolate in the shape of a 5-yen coin) from two different students this morning, so there's still hope.

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