I'm Miffed!

I started eating the MIKE popcorn mentioned in the last post and needed something to wash it down. Well, just today, I purchased some Qoo Orange drink and that quenched my thirst adequately. I don't buy it regularly, but there was a purple Miffy ハッピスタンプ (happi-stanpu = happy stamp)attached to it and I couldn't resist. (Click on either of those sites and jump around. There's lots of fun stuff.)

I don't think I'll bother getting the other ones in the set, they're not as cute. (Oh, who am I kidding...of course I'll get them!) Click the pic to enlarge!

Speaking of Miffy, I think I'll wear my Miffy ネクタイ (necktie) to work tomorrow. It always elicits squeals of joy.

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