Ten Lords a'Leaping.

February 29th has come and gone (I started this post yesterday but didn't have time to finish it) and I can't say it was too eventful.

The Japanese word for Leap Year is 閏年 (uruu-doshi; 閏 uruu = remainder + 年 toshi = year.) The specific kanji for uruu literally means "king in the gate", so it's considered a temporary situation where he won't leave his castle. Apparently what did finally lure him out of the castle was the seduction of a strip tease! (Maybe the dancer was LEAPing?)

For a really long story about
Amaterasu (the sun deity) and 12 Princesses (representing 12 phases of the moon), click if you're interested.

I did have a few last night and during a joke exchange between myself and Adam, heard a good one (completely unrelated to Leap Year though.)

This guy walks into a bar with a giraffe and they start pounding back the whiskeys, getting drunker and drunker. It's nearing last call and and after one more shot, the giraffe passes out on the floor. The guy pays up and goes to leave when the bartender says, "Hey, you can't leave that lying there!"
He says, "That's not a lion, that's a giraffe!"

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