Animal Crackers.

I also got a box of Animal Crackers. What you see here is the result of two opened boxes and here are the mammals I got.

(From Left to Right:) polar bear シロクマ (shiro-kuma, literally "white bear"); wild boar イノシシ (inoshishi); bear 熊 (kuma); cow 牛 (ushi); rabbit ウサギ (usagi); horse 馬 (uma); tapir バク (baku); rhinoceros サイ (sai); elephant ゾウ (zou); raccoon アライグマ (arai-guma, literally "washing bear"); bat コウモリ (koumori); bear (oops: kuma #2); sheep 羊 (hitsuji); deer シカ (shika); porcupine ヤマアラシ (yama-arashi, literally "mountain storm!"); cow (oops: ushi #2); lynx オオヤマネコ (oo-yama-neko, literally "large mountain cat", sorry I broke it!); squirrel リス (risu); monkey サル (saru).
(Click on the picture to make it ZOO-sized!)

Here are the birds that I received.
horned owl アメリカワシミミズク (amerika-washi mimi-zuku, literally, "American eagle with ear shaped feathers"); hawk タカ (taka); macaw
コンゴウインコ (congou-inko, literally, "golden parrot"); eagle ワシ (washi); parrot オウム(oumu); pigeon ハト (hato); peafowl クジャク (kujaku); duck アヒル (ahiru).

Of course I got several doubles, but who'd have thought that I'd get four cocks (the puerile adolescent in me couldn't resist.) A rooster (cock) is known as おんどり (ondori) here and the famous cock-a-doodle-doo cry is a more realistic コケコッコ (ko-ke-kokko).

Because I'm talking about Animal Crackers, I need to make mention of the comic strip and I had to include Groucho's famous tune, "Hello, I Must Be Going" from the 1930 movie.

For no particular reason apart from the fact that I adore the tune, check out Lydia The Tattooed Lady, sung by Groucho and the same tune sung by Kermit! (Purists, hold your horses, I know that the song is from At the Circus, not Animal Crackers!

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