Dinosaur Caps Attack!

Back when I first got here, Disney released a movie called DINOSAUR. I'd initially written it off as another Land Before Time sequel, but it turned out to be pretty darned good. I don't know exactly when it was released in Japan but they did quite the marketing push with a great set of bottle caps from Pepsi, maybe one of the first sets I collected. Here's a more in-depth view of them from
another fan and what really surprises me is what they're going for on EBAY, Holy Coprolite, $6.99-9.99 a pop! I should try and get me some of that business, I have a full set plus a few extras. Large bottles of Pepsi offered stickers & clips but I only have one each of those. I did get my claws on a few of the UFO Catch goodies as well. Such as, a watch, a phone strap and a raptor-claw pen (with the pen missing!)

The above is pretty well done but be warned, it gets annoying at the 3 minute mark.

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