A Tiger By The Tail!

I haven't done one of these in a long time, but here goes...(Warning: Drunken Blogging Alert!!)
Prior to going out tonight, my New Year's Resolutions are as follows:

#1. To lose some weight. When I got my flu shot last month, I discovered that I'd gained 2 kilos. I really need to decrease my tummy expanse.
#2. To cut down on the booze. I've done much better over the last year, but I still need to reduce my intake by several pints.
#3. To cut down on unnecessary expenses. I'm going through my toys and other various & sundry stuff'n nonsense and manohman, I have too much crap!
#4. To start saving some money towards my future. Due to the recent economic crisis, our school is suffering from an ever-decreasing clientele. Call it influenza crisis, lack of income or just a basic lack of interest, but our enrolment is down. Thus, instead of a raise this year, all the teachers are suffering from a pay cut!
#5. To exercise more. Lately, I've found it more and more difficult to even take my bicycle to work. I've been hopping on the bus on an almost daily basis instead of biking. A lot of it has to do with an increase in the amount of asthma attacks, but I dunno if that's due to poor lungs or a lack of hootspa.
#6. To stop hitting on women younger than myself. I've jokingly kept to a "no dating anyone less than half my age" policy though I suspect that I really should upgrade it to 2/3s. (Case in point: Mai-chan turned 25 in November which officially puts her at half my age, so I'm justified in dating her. Alas, I have now turned 51 so that is no longer the case.)
#7. To keep my room clean! Manohman, I have a lot of crap. Most of it is cool stuff that I want to keep. But a large percentage of it is pure dreck!
#8. To study more Japanese. I can usually get by in a conversation with a few pat phrases and a nod of the head, but I really need to get more out of the culture here and to do that, I must improve my linguistic comprehension.
#9. To eat more healthily. I know that my cholesterol is shot through the roof, but that hasn't stopped me from consuming the red meat and other no-nos.
#10. To stop blogging until the wee hours of the morning and get some honest-to-goodness sleep for a change.

I'm now 5 hours into the New Year, so let's see how I've fared...
#1. I had a steak dinner for dinner and a Happy meal at 4am. On the plus side, I did eat some veggies with my steak. Consensus: broken.
#2. Well, I had a beer at dinner, 2 more at H&S before the countdown, a G&T at Shaft for the countdown (an utter complete waste of time to go there!), a Corona & a glass of absinthe at BBs (not including the drinks I bought for my friends and the hot chick at my table), another drink at ADD but I also bought a tequila for a different hot chick & myself. On the plus side, I had 2 drinks bought for me, so that cuts down on the cost. Consensus: broken.
#3. Well, apart from the above booze that I bought, I also got the coolest KitKat cup! But it's sooo cool, I bought 2! (Granted it was only 200 yen a pop, but it is still extravagant.} Consensus: broken.
#4. Well, I spent less than I thought but I still dropped about a hundred bucks for the night, including the 2 KitKat mugs and a Happi Set. Consensus: broken. (See below for KitKat mug: for me it was really more of a necessity than an extravagance.)
#5. Well I did dance a little bit but I also took a taxi (buses stopped at 8:15!!) to & fro tonight. Granted we had a dusting of snow tonight, so a bicycle is not the optimum mode of transport. Consensus: semi-broken.
#6. This one was broken several times tonight! To my credit most were in their late 20's and thus greater than half my age. *see photos below for justification. Consensus: broken with cause.
#7. Well, my room is no more filthy than when I left it! Consensus: not broken, but not improved.
#8. I did intend to send out a New Years card but ran out of time & I couldn't fine my glasses with which to be able to see the kanji by way of telephone, but I have recently been unable to acquire my goodies. Consensus: not quite broken, certainly not enhanced.
#9. My steak was medium-well done with just bit of fat. Apart from the McDonalds, I think I had a fairly healthy meal. Consensus: Meh! no more nor less was spent today and the Consumer Code was definitely not referenced.. Consensus: broken, with extraneous methods.
#10. Definitely broken! If there are any spelling mistakes, I will certainly find them later. (I am so sleepy, that I have really upped my unmistakable state!) Consensus: I do my best work at night, alas, not this night!

Overall consensus: I really suck at making & keeping resolutions!

Read the above at your own peril. Happy New Year's & for the rest of the season,

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