What the heck is this crap anyway? I picked this up years ago for a buck from a little toy store thinking it might be of interest. (It isn't) There's a large cardboard circle with what appears to be 天才バカボン (Genius Bakabon), a smaller circle with a dog barfing up a robot, an even smaller one with Gundam and a pog-sized one with a classic-looking Dragonball. Then there's a rectangular karuta card again with Dragonball? WTF? Anyone with insight as to why this is in a Zo-ra package (Legend of Zelda, I think) please offer me your explanation! Meanwhile, back in the back of my closet it goes again...

BTW, I finally got to see カールじいさんの空飛ぶ家 (kaaru ji-san no sou tobu ie -- Old man Carl and his flying house) (which is not to be confused with this カールおじさん) but you may know it by its lengthy English title "Up." Congrats on your Golden Globe, wow what a huge surprise that Pixar got its 4th win in as many movies! I am shocked! (Note: slight tone of sarcasm. The movie was magnificent, but it'd be nice to see Fantastic Mr. Fox or Coraline or something else get a nod...for that matter, why wasn't Ponyo nominated?)

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