sawatdee Pimai khun!

That's Thai for Happy New Year that I received from pal Phil on my cellphone last night. I also received a mild hangover and slept in until 3 (something I never do!)

At 9 this morning I was awoken by a knock on the door and a delivery of a package. Within it is this cool Ultraman-Masked Rider calendar, some cookies, more GeGeGe stamps and a couple of cards. These guys (my Tokyo family) rock! Daughter Kanae has begun her university life at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in NY!!

I also got 4 年賀状, my least # yet...of course I haven't sent any yet, I'm still seeking my glasses so I can see to write kanji. I'll let you figure out which one is the impersonal card from a salesman, from an ex-girlfriend, from a girlfriend that never was or from a friend's bar.
I'm off to see Avatar now! SMURFS in Spaaaace!

UPDATE: I got 3 more cards this morning. Unfortunately, I only know who one of the senders is, I can't read the names of the others!

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