What The Fukubukuro?

January 2nd is Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag) day, sort of a cross between Boxing Dayand Black Friday where all the stores put tons of merchandise on sale for the punters to purchase. Everything is sealed up in a big red bag and you don't know what you'll be getting (though some stores do narrow it down to Men vs. Ladies, S/M/L etc.) Buyers are often enticed with high-ticket items, though I didn't start lining up at 5am like some bargain shoppers; I went @11:00. I didn't have much left over from my ton of Year-end parties, but I scraped a few yen together and bought some clothes and stuff from a Men's Clothing store, the Ghibli shop, a 300¥shop, a drugstore and an Otaku-goods store.
It's your job to figure out what came from where:

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