My New Year's Present.

I just received this awesome present: I went to make dinner, then when I came back to my computer with my meal, I discovered that everything had crashed! All of my photos, music, settings, links, EVERYTHING was gone*!! I'd been meaning to back up this stuff but of course I never did. Therefore it may be a while before things are up and running again. I have all this crap to scan & organize and then I plan to shove it all in a bag and ignore it for another year. But now, none of the stuff I'd already scanned is there and I can't figure out how to scan new stuff!

So to reiterate, be patient. MTYW is temporarily out of order, but soon it'll be back for better or worse...

If you need something to keep you busy...watch this:

UPDATE: *Premature posting pattern. I shut down my pc and turned it back on and everything is back. Oh dopey me! I will still take a brief hiatus while I back everything up!! But it was a cool YouTube wasn't it?


prof. grewbeard said...

good news! now go out and back up your stuff!

Michael Jones said...

Damn straight! Now if I could only figure out how (I really am a techno-twat.)


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