KitKat Katch-up...

There's been quite a bit of New Nestle News and I apologize for not keeping the non-Japanese public up to date. Since last year's ミルクコーヒー, there have been several new releases, but I should tell you about my KitKat Kourier service that I've set up.

As you may recall, I'd amassed those 7 specialty boxes of KitKats from Rakuten foods (such as Miso) and have begun sending them out to friends as New Year's Cards.

Rather than sending 5 of one flavour, I mixed and matched them up.

Then I added a few more from my collection in the fridge for a lovely sampling to curtail my companions' KitKat cravings.

So what is new out there? No snappable wafers lately, but they've had a few solid bars, such as this
カスタード プリン (Custard-Pudding) that I discovered in Tokyo.

Also when I was in Tokyo, I saw a new bar with an Oni on it and then sought it out in all the Conbini I could find...to no avail! Fortunately, I found one this week and much to my surprise it had a companion! The KitKat has a red Oni representing 小豆 (Azuki beans) and his cousin, Aero had a blue Oni for 黒豆 (Kuro-mame or black beans). They had an odd indescribable taste, not bad but it was sort of dusty!

Finally, much like last year's premium-giveaway of erasers, the fine folks at Nestle are trying to sell all their back stock and are offering up a ballpoint pen with the purchase of any 2 bars/wafers/littles. Needless to say, I've acquired a few of these pens for myself.

Next Monday is the release of two new boxes of mini-wafers...
パッションフルーツ (Bitter Chocolate with Raspberry & Passion Fruit), I'll be there!

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