Gremlins Grumblings.

I'm presently watching Gremlins which I definitely need to watch again when I'm paying attention and not blogging. There are SO many in-jokes, that I'm missing most of them. The Gizmo-looking Mogwai are very appealing the the cutesy loving Japanese and I've UFO-caught a few in the past to be given out as presents, much to the delight of the recipients. Personally, I prefer the nasty looking ones and to this day, I wonder where my foot-tall model has ended up. It was a mainstay at many a Halloween party. I picked this guy up on spec a few months back and I wish I'd picked up a few more but they are nowhere to be found now. I'd love the flasher! On the back of the box, they even have quotes "a drawing for coloring." Click upon it and print your own!

Oh and welcome to another follower, a professional writer who one day wants Joe Dante to direct his work (I'm speculating on that last bit.) You can find his ramblings at Writer by Night or The Dark Room.

You may want something to snack on while watching Gremlins or reading Chris Regan's stories. Fortunately, my favourite student (the fact that she's a cute 20-year old has nothing to do with my bias) finally landed a job at a drugstore and provided me with some snacks from her workplace. You could try a bag of きつねコーンチップス (kitsune corn chips) that are supposed to be those mushy wafery things you get in instant うどん (udon) noodles. They taste unsurprisingly like Corn Chips!

Or try some ロックンチョコ (rockin' choco) or ポクポクたい (poku-poku tai, which is normally Sea Bream made into a fish-shaped paste but this one's made of chocolate).

What I'm looking forward to are the 回転ずし グミ (kaiten-sushi gummi) which according to the back of the wrapper, "if you add the melon-fish to the apple-rice it equals banana-flavour or strawberry to the apple, you get peach!" I can't wait to taste-test it for accuracy.


The Frog Queen said...

Gremlins!! Classic, one of my favorite holiday movies!! Thanks for the heads up on the new blog.


Chris Regan said...

Hello, thanks for the mention! I am definitely a huge Joe Dante fan and Gremlins is awesome. Really interested in Japanese culture too so have been enjoying reading your blog.


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