12/12/12 Days of Christmas.

My sporadic posting continues with a countdown of the 12 Days of Christmas. Hopefully I'll have something Christmassy over the next dozen days. I probably should have started yesterday on National Sound Check Day (12/12/12) but I was otherwise occupied. (Cringing in terror in case the world ends.)

Since the Mayan Calendars' end hasn't caused our demise, I'll show off a couple of my students Christmas Cards. First up, a couple of trees from a couple of 8-year olds. One is your basic run-of-the-mill tree, the other is extra awesome!

Here are some cards my Junior High kids wrote today. It's a really tiny school, so each of theirs can be showcased! The last one is my personal favourite.

I also asked them to write about what they'd like for Christmas and apart from one lad who requested the moon, the requests were rather bland. I also asked them to describe their favourite Christmas activity and I got a few duplicate answers. (Btw, thanks to co-worker Dan the Man for the print.)

A fun day and tomorrow I get to show off my patented Christmas lesson to them!

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