'Zat You Santa Claus?

I wonder if superheroes go through this as well. When you have a secret identity, do you refer to your alter ego in the third person? Here is how I find myself commenting on photos, "Santa  does this. Santa does that." So in that spirit, here are some more pictures of Santa doing various Santa activities.

Yesterday morning, Santa paid a visit to one of the Carl Schools and entertained the troops. I He started off crooning Rudolph and then gave gifts to the throngs of waifs and posed for photos.

Santa appears to be a Furry!

I went out last night and popped into my friend Suu's establishment, Dragons Diner. One of the patrons was a canine Santa!

I won this odd little mushroom character dressed up as a reindeer and gave it to Suu. He wasn't sure what to do with it so he hung it over his fish tank and all the fish began staring at it!

 I moved along to Liga in order to sing a few Carols. There isn't much on the Karaoke menu, without resorting to Wham or Mariah, except for a handful of Bing tunes (White Christmas, You'd Better Watch Out, Let it Snow.) Then Santa made an appearance to croon "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

Once Santa arrived, he sang Blue Christmas, Lennon's Christmas is Over (which landed him a snog!) and Rudolph in Japanese!

With pal Adam in tow, Santa wandered over to Ernies where he met his doppleganger (from an evil parallel universe), Black Santa! 

Santa finally received a present instead of always doling them out, a pint! Then he posed with several patrons.

Afterwards, he was whisked home in a cab and because the cabbie had never driven a Santa home was given a Santa hat as a tip!

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