Thunderbirds Are Gone.

Last July I picked up the first two volumes of the Gerry Anderson SFX DVD Collection. In honour of Mr. Anderson's passing today, here are some highlights from the first two volumes.

Each mag comes with two DVDs. One has two episodes of Thunderbirds and the other has two episodes of either Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Joe 90 or UFO.

I also have a nifty binder in which one is supposed put the pages from each show.

These are the dividers used to separate the pages.

I like these behind the scenes photos of Gerry and Sylvia at work. True professionals.

I am not at all familiar with Joe 90, barely aware of UFO and for Stingray, I only recall the theme song. I caught some Captain Scarlet on our Superchannel a while back but of course Thunderbirds is the Super Super-Marionated show.

Too bad this wasn't such an expensive way to compile the collection, or I'd get them all.

In addition to Gerry Anderson, we also lost Jack Klugman and Charles Durning. Not a very merry Christmas for some.

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