Those outside of Japan might be unaware of the complete hold that the Colonel has on this country during Christmas. There are lineups down the block or you have to order weeks in advance to get your desired meal. You'll have to do a bit of Googling yourself to learn the history (I'm not completely sure of the dates and stats, and I won't do your research for you), but you'll find that KFC sells more chicken on Christmas day than they do all year*.
(*May not be accurate.)

Tonight, I joined the ranks of cheap guys all over the country by treating my date to KFC. All of the specials were sold out so we had to make do with a normal order.

 Of course if you know me, I couldn't possibly eat something so mundane. Therefore I got the special Suzy's Zoo set which included 2 plates, a bowl & a cup.

We also grabbed a pair of Roast Chicken Legs with the plan of smuggling them into the cinema and consuming them there. We got so caught up in the movie that we never did chow down so now I have something for brunch tomorrow.

Details on the movie and on our gift exchange will have to wait until the morning.
Christmas is also the busiest night of the year for Love Hotels but as you may have surmised by now, I won't be reporting on that phenomenon this time.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings (and Christmas too, I suppose)!

Call for Super-Chicken!

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