It's Surreal Santa!

I am now officially on vacation and therefore I can start my new job. Today, Sunday & Monday, I'll be working for the Royal Hotel in Izumi as one of the REAL Santa! Actually they've hired 3 Santas who are all deemed to be the Real Santa but I insist that I am the Real Real Santa!

I challenge the other Santas to name all the reindeer, know the origins of Christmas trees, Poinsettias, Stockings and why Western Canadians get a Japanese orange (mikan) in their stocking!

Today, I wandered the halls of the hotel giving toys to 7 different families. One little girl gave me a picture that she'd drawn of she and St. Nick anticipating my arrival. Another wee lad of about age 10 greeted me dolled up in a Santa outfit of his own! The other kids were quite polite and grateful and it wasn't until the final family where the daughter bawled the entire time. She begrudgingly accepted the present and stopped sobbing for a minute but went back to tears shortly thereafter. Her infant brother was much more accepting.

I'm quite impressed at the lengths that this hotel goes to to make the joint Christmassy. Very festive!

I have another (unpaid) gig tomorrow morning at a Daycare and hopefully Kris Kringle will make it to Ernie's for his annual party. Then back to the Hotel for the 23rd and 24th!

HOHOHO indeed!!


Perogyo said...

That is really fantastic! Way to make some kids very happy!

I do not know why we get mandarins in our stockings but I know it wouldn't be Christmas without one!

Michael Jones said...

A little late getting back to you but I wrote about Christmas oranges here.


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