Getting Hammered.

I've been relatively quiet for the last few days, concentrating on school, watching the tube and worrying about my health. Well fortunately my health scare has abated, a spot on the lung has turned out to be fatty deposits gathering around my heart. That isn't exactly great news though, it means I have to lose weight and that means dieting and exercising. Sigh.

To celebrate my goodish news, I popped into the cinema to watch a movie. I saw The Woman in Black which, though not too scary, is an effective little thriller with a creepy score. Nice return to the fore for Hammer.

While there I picked up another ticket to The Hobbit for a friend (I sure hope we get this trailer!)

I also got an Evangelion Combo, popcorn, a drink and this wacky character!

In other news, in order to celebrate Disney's 111th birthday, here is one of the Three Little Pigs plus a trio of characters that come in the latest round of Choco-eggs. I have actually received doubles of each of these so, because I have to swear off chocolate anyway, no more eggs for me.

Finally since I'm teaching Rudolph to all my kids this year, here's a little mashup that one of my roving reporters recommended.

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Perogyo said...

So sorry to hear about the health scare! I have my new year's resolution for better health (less reading, more walking) so maybe we can cheer on each other?

Goofy is my favourite Mickey Mouse Club character, glad to see you found him! He's usually regulated to a bit character.


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