It's Hobbit Forming.

Traffic was terrible, parking at the Mall was abysmal (40 minutes to get a spot, 50 minutes to get to the street from the roof afterwards) and the lineup for tickets was labrynthine. But it was definitely worth it!

Without getting into spoilers, I can say that it was a fast-paced romp full of Daring Dwarves, a Boisterous Bilbo, a Grand Gandalf, a Grotesque Gollum, Gruesome Goblins and Ominous Orks!

Biggest disappointment: NO Star Trek preview (we did get an Oz preview in 3D so that helped ease the pain.) I refrained from making too many inane comments throughout the movie (there was never a chance) but at the end I made the following quip, "Forecast: There will be Smaug."

Slightly aggravated that I was given the wrong Clear File. This one is cool but I wanted the one with all the cast on it. Oh well, at least I got a "Sting" Letter Opener.

Here's a preview of The Hobbit for your perusal.

Today's Christmas connection. The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus is done by the same production team that did the above video (the visuals, not the voices.) Associate Producer, Masaki Iizuka, also did The Hobbit in '77. Most of the production team worked for Topcraft, a precursor to Studio Ghibli alongside Hayao Miyazaki.

If I can find my preview ticket, I'm off to see Frankenweenie tomorrow!

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