Happy Merry Birthmas.

I celebrated the second anniversary of my 27th birthday yesterday and spent the entire day lazing around the apartment. I finally got up and ready and met my date for the evening. The adorable Hitomi has been my platonic paramour for the last few Christmases and I'm always guaranteed some good loot from her. This year was no exception.

 I've spent the entire Boxing Day today lounging in my new pjs! I also got a Spider-man TV game that someday I'll figure out how to play.

For Christmas, I received an odd pair of glasses, Robot Chicken Star Wars and a deck of R2D2 playing cards. Score!

I gave as good as I got and as part one of the gifts, she was given her choice of two bottles of Bond Girls nail polish and a Hawkeye eraser (someone has a crush on Jeremy Renner). She chose red & green for Xmas (saving gold & silvery-purple for me to give to a non-platonic paramour) and modelled them for me.

After the gift exchange we saw Frankenweenie. It was my second time but I still thoroughly enjoyed it and this time I misted up at the ending. Hitomi was frightened in all the right places and giggled in the others and afterwards when I explained the innumerable references to classic Universal horrors, she exclaimed, "Sugoi!" with each one. Part two of the gifts was a Frankenweenie towel and some Capsule-figures (which I forgot to photograph.)

I do have a picture of a present that I purchased for myself.

Details on the movie tomorrow!


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