Getting Carded!

I received something today that I haven't received in over 40 years. Yesterday, as a follow-up to the Christmas cards, I had my students write me a Birthday Card for homework. Having one's birthday on December 25th means that one only ever receives Christmas/Birthday Cards and never just a birthday card. I insisted that they make NO mention of Christmas and get creative. As always, I'm saving my favourite for last.

Okay, why did this upload upside-down?

Something else I never get is actual birthday cake! And it's calorie free!

Why are these on their side? Please tilt your head.

Dig the groovy beret on Snoopy!

I love her lettering (above) and the sentiment!

Any wonder why this one is my favourite? These kids know me well!!

Heads up to my readership, if you're going to wish me well on the 25th, be sure to mention MY birthday first and then you can mention that other guy's birthday!

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