Lofty Kaiju.

I am SO impressed by the latest display at LOFT. Every time I see an Ultraman display, it features all the Ultramen and maybe the odd token villain. This time, they've done it right! All villains and NO heroes! Woohoo!!

There's a trio of baddies in the lobby, and they have a "Cameras are allowed" sign. Yay.

As you can see, they are taller than me (then again, what isn't?) Those pictures on the wall in the background are unphotographable. They are original drawings/paintings of the kaiju and sell for 500-600 bucks!

Other photogenic figures are the guys in the window display. Several tons of vintage monster mayhem showing off their wares for passersby to witness. I'll take this display over a Christmas scene in a Department store any day.

Also in the window are these ginormous posters of two of our buddies, Red King and Gomora.

Watch them pit against each other in a battle royale!

There's also a sweet poster of Kanegon and the elevator has been covered with the event's promo.

 Of course, there were tons of items for sale and considering the price, you'd expect these to be vintage figures. But I strongly suspect (thanks to the modern packaging) that they are reproductions and hardly worth a tenth of the price asked.

But I couldn't leave empty-handed so I picked up a couple of clear files and some postcards.

These two are quite nice featuring several of the characters from Ultra Q.

These two clear files have Kaiju guts on the front and obverse. I love the idea of showing off the internal workings of the monsters.

I got two sets of postcards, one set featuring the UltraVillains, one set featuring Gamera and a cutie.

The only big ticket item I picked up is a t-shirt. Very funky design by Kotaro Kita.

I may head back there before December 8th and peruse the display when I have more time. Any fan of the big U-man's nemeses should go as well.

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