Shakken is Shocking.

My biannual (is that twice a year or every two years?) car inspection (Shakken) comes due this month so I have given my vehicle over to my dealer to scrutinize it and make it road worthy. Fortunately, there shouldn't be much problem and my estimate was for 66,000 yen (around 700 bucks) give or take an ichiman. I spent the last week figuring out trains and buses to and from my schools only to discover today that I've been given a loaner! It's a bit of a tank to drive, but it is better than nothing!

I recently won a pair of gloves that'll make dandy driving gloves. They're from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and there is some kind of Smart-Phone connection as well if I can figure it out.

 I recently won one of the loser prizes from an Evangelion contest and it is the worst of the lot. It's Dendou and it lights up. Big whoop!

Every day, the Conbini workers ALWAYS give you a bag unless you catch them in time and tell them you don't want one. You could be buying a piece of plastic junk wrapped in plastic and they'll throw that in a plastic bag for your convenience. It's good to find out though that this is helping me save the Earth. All this time, I thought it was ruining it!

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