What's The Catch?

I have recently discovered a UFO catch machine at the Game Centre beside the Disney Store that coughs up a prize every time I put in a coin. And not just any prize, some big ticket items like last week's Mickey Frying Pan and Gatchapin Carry-on Bag. I had some time to kill on Saturday and went back and sure enough, I won another Gatchapin Carry-on Bag, a C3PO Light, a Jack figure and two Mickey Mouse watches for under a 1000 yen!

I sorely wish that this item were at the same machine but I had to go across the lane to obtain it and it cost me more to catch than all the above items combined. Regardless I do like my pose-able Titan!

Even if I could win another one, I wouldn't pose it in the fashion that the blokes in the Game Centre did. Rather cheeky, I must say...

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