Slipped a Mickey.

Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mickey Mouse. That's how the lyrics go in the Japanese version of the theme to the Mickey Mouse Club. Today just happens to be Mickey's 85th birthday and there was a Recorder Duet at my Elementary School and much to my surprise, they were really quite good. I missed taping the Mickey Mouse theme but I did get Jiminy Cricket's.

Here are some pictures of the guys and their instruments, from a tiny 3 inch long recorder to a huge bass recorder 2 metres long!

I taped lots of their tunes from classical to Anime themes but none were as nice as this, the theme from My Neighbour Totoro Laputa*.
(*oops...Thanks Dan.)

Other than the Frying pan I showed off in my post yesterday, I don't have any recent Mickey paraphernalia, here though is an oldie that is a little scary, The Mad Doctor:

America wasn't the only country to use cartoons as propaganda, here you'll find  Evil Mickey Attacks Japan:

I'll finish off with some leftover Halloween drawings by some of the students at this school.

Happy Mickey Day!

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